Next came Alberto Pambira, another student from Cagliari, who invited Donna
and me to his wonderful wedding which took over two famous castles on the south
coast of England, and finally (for now), Bruno Sim˜ oes, who patiently helped me
with my attempts to make the right nasal noises in Portuguese, at which I never
succeeded I think I was born with the wrong nasal passages.
6. Harmonic maps again
After writing the book on harmonic morphisms with Paul, I never wanted to
see another harmonic morphism, and switched back to harmonic maps. I worked
with Luc Lemaire, who showed me his piano rolls, and how great Belgium is for
carnivores though not so good for vegetarians like my wife, Donna: they even
put bacon in the butter! Thanks to the efforts of Maria-Jo˜ ao Ferreira, I spent a
wonderful eight months in the Centro de Matem´ atica e Aplica¸ coes of the University
of Lisbon, working with her and Bruno on understanding harmonic maps more
explicitly. During this time, I got to appreciate the Portuguese way of eating fish,
i.e., not drowned in sauce as in Britain, and sung in a great choir, the Lisboa
Cantat, even singing on one of their CDs [LC] in Leeds, I sing with another
great choir, the Leeds Festival Chorus, but I have always managed to be away for
their recordings.
I then worked with Martin Svensson, a student of Sigmundur’s and so a math-
ematical grandchild, who keeps threatening to make me plunge nude into the icy
Danish waters with the club that he is in.
At Leeds, Alan West and Sheila Carter retired, but we were lucky to find
replacements in the shape of Martin Speight, Kevin Houston and Roger Bielawski.
I thank them for organizing a special session at a recent conference on Variational
Problems in Differential Geometry to me for my 60th birthday, to complement the
Cagliari experience.
I cannot begin to list all the lovely people that I’ve met over the years but
I would like to thank them all. I especially thank the organizers of this wonderful
conference for my sixtieth birthday: Paul Baird, Fran Burstall, Luc Lemaire, Si-
mon Salamon, Sigmundur Gudmundsson, Eric Loubeau, Stefano Montaldo, Radu
Pantilie, and the local organizers, Gianluca Bande, Renzo Caddeo and Paola Piu,
aided greatly by Gregorio Franzoni. I thank him and the rest of the organizers for
the model of a minimal surface, which takes pride of place in my office and will
always remind me of the conference in Cagliari.
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