Preface vii
List of Participants ix
Thirty-nine Years of Harmonic Maps
J. C. Wood 1
Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces: An Integrable Systems Perspective
A. Gerding, F. Pedit and N. Schmitt 7
Explicit Constructions of Harmonic Maps
J. C. Wood 41
Discrete Harmonic Map Heat Flow on a Finite Graph
P. Baird and M. Wehbe 75
Contact Pairs and Locally Conformally Symplectic Structures
G. Bande and D. Kotschick 85
Congruence Curves of the Goldstein-Petrich Flows
E. Musso 99
Differential Geometry of Lagrangian Submanifolds and Hamiltonian
Variational Problems
H. Ma and Y. Ohnita 115
A Report on Locally Conformally ahler Manifolds
L. Ornea and M. Verbitsky 135
k−Hessian Differential Inequalities and the Compact Support Principle
M. Rigoli, M. Salvatori, and M. Vignati 151
The Geometry of Biharmonic Maps
H. Urakawa 159
Constructing Metrics with Prescribed Geometry
G. Calvaruso 177
On the Regularity of the Space of Harmonic 2-spheres
in the 4-sphere
J. Bolton and L. Fernandez
Conformal Fibrations of
by Circles
S. Heller 195
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