Harmonic Map Methods for Willmore Surfaces
K. Leschke 203
Some Remarks on Invariant Surfaces and Their Extrinsic Curvature
F. Mercuri, S. Montaldo, and I. I. Onnis 213
Harmonic and Biharmonic Maps from Surfaces
P. Baird, E. Loubeau, and C. Oniciuc 223
Non-divergence Harmonic Maps
J. Jost and F. M. S ¸ims ¸ir 231
A Note on Higher-charge Configurations for the Faddeev-Hopf Model
R. Slobodeanu 239
A Survey on the DDVV Conjecture
J. Q. Ge and Z. Z. Tang 247
On the Characteristic Foliations of Metric Contact Pairs
G. Bande and A. Hadjar 255
A Note on η-Einstein Manifolds
C. L. Bejan 261
Minimal and Flat Surfaces in
× R with Canonical Coordinates
M. I. Munteanu and A. I. Nistor 267
Ricci Curvature Properties and Stability on 3-dimensional Kenmotsu Manifolds
R. C. Voicu 273
On the Existence of Harmonic Morphisms from Three-dimensional Lie Groups
S. Gudmundsson and M. Svensson 279
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