This volume is the proceedings of a conference held in Cagliari, Italy, in Sep-
tember 2009.
The meeting was organized to celebrate Professor J. C. Wood’s contributions
to harmonic maps on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday and brought together
many of his former students, collaborators and friends.
The broad spectrum covered by the articles will reflect the numerous research
interests and activities of Prof. Wood, and a retrospective look at his career can
be read in the introductory piece “Thirty-nine years of harmonic maps”.
We also intend to offer here a picture of some of the more recent developments
in the theory of harmonic maps as well as several, closely or loosely, related topics.
Saluted by a number of speakers and mentioned, through his work, by most,
the ever-present figure of James Eells presided over the assembly.
It is our pleasant duty to thank the Scientific Committee of the conference:
P. Baird, F. Burstall, L. Lemaire and S. Salamon. Their continual advice was key
to the success of the meeting.
We also thank the members of the Organizing Committee: S. Gudmundsson
and R. Pantilie whose hard work contributed to plan the meeting.
Special thanks go to the Local Organizing Committee: G. Bande, R. Caddeo,
G. Franzoni, M. Musio and P. Piu, who were crucial in fixing local problems and
creating the right atmosphere.
Thanks are also due to all participants and in particular to speakers.
The congress would not have been possible without funding by the Univer-
sit` a di Cagliari Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica, GNSAGA-INdAM,
Prin-2007: Riemannian metrics and differentiable manifolds, Fondazione Banco di
Sardegna, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Provincia di Cagliari and Cantina
Sociale di Santadi.
We would also like to thank the AMS for publishing this volume and
C. Thivierge for her help.
E. Loubeau and S. Montaldo
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