15. G. Yu “Large scale geometry and its applications.”
The ideas of large scale geometry played an important role in geometry,
topology and group theory beginning with the works of Mostow, Margulis and
Gromov. Recently there have been a number of important developments in
this area. This article surveys these developments and their applications to
geometry and topology of manifolds.
Acknowledgments. First, we would like to thank all people and institutions who
helped us to organize this conference. We received generous financial and logistical
support from the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics in Bonn. Its staff, especially
Anke Thiedemann and Laura Siklossy, provided an extensive help with the organi-
zation, and Heike Bacher and Kerstin Strehl-M¨uller handled the registration. The
assistants Batu uneysu, Benjamin Himpel, Carolina Neira Jim´ enez, and Boris
Vertman helped with the lecture room technology.
We would like to warmly thank Arthur Greenspoon for copy-editing the papers
for these proceedings, and Dr. John R. Copeland for providing the photograph of
H Moscovici. We also express our thanks to Christine Thivierge, Boris Vertman
and Sam White for their assistance in preparing this volume.
Alain Connes
Alexander Gorokhovsky
Matthias Lesch
Markus J. Pflaum
Bahram Rangipour
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