Introduction vii
Conference Talks xi
List of Participants xix
Dirac cohomology and unipotent representations of complex groups
D. Barbasch and P.
c 1
Algebraic index theorem for symplectic deformations of gerbes
P. Bressler, A. Gorokhovsky, R. Nest, and B. Tsygan 23
Index theory for basic Dirac operators on Riemannian foliations
J. Bruning,
F.W. Kamber, and K. Richardson 39
The Witt construction in characteristic one and quantization
A. Connes 83
Lie prealgebras
M. Dubois-Violette and G. Landi 115
On the analogy between complex semisimple groups
and their Cartan motion groups
N. Higson 137
A survey on Hopf-cyclic cohomology and Connes-Moscovici characteristic map
A. Kaygun 171
A super version of Connes-Moscovici Hopf algebra
M. Khalkhali and A. Pourkia 181
Analytic torsion of Z2-graded elliptic complexes
V. Mathai and S. Wu 199
The K-groups and the index theory of certain comparison
B. Monthubert and V. Nistor 213
Relative pairings and the Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index formula for the
Godbillon-Vey cocycle
H. Moriyoshi and P. Piazza 225
Two exact sequences for lattice cohomology
A. Nemethi
Cup products in Hopf cyclic cohomology with coefficients in contramodules
B. Rangipour 271
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