Preface vii
Use of random matrix theory for target detection, localization,
and reconstruction
J. Garnier 1
Resolution limits in source localization and small inclusion imaging
P. Garapon 21
Transient wave imaging of anomalies: A numerical study
S. Gdoura and L. Guadarrama Bustos 31
Numerical solution of the inverse source problem for the Helmholtz
equation with multiple frequency data
G. Bao, J. Lin, and F. Triki 45
Reconstruction of the shape of an inclusion from elastic moment tensors
M. Lim and S. Yu 61
Path integrals and optical tomography
J. C. Schotland 77
Denoising of Bz data for conductivity reconstruction in magnetic resonance
electrical impedance tomography (MREIT)
K. Jeon and C.-O. Lee 85
Time reversal for inclusion detection in one dimensional randomly
layered media
D. G. Alfaro Vigo and K. Sølna 101
Some anisotropic viscoelastic Green functions
E. Bretin and A. Wahab 129
Time reversal in attenuating acoustic media
H. Ammari, E. Bretin, J. Garnier, and A. Wahab 151
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