Preface The eleventh International Conference on p-adic Functional Analysis was held at Universit´ e Blaise Pascal of Clermont-Ferrand, France, July 5-9, 2010. The first conference of this series was organized in 1990 by University of Cantabria in Laredo, Spain and the series continued with meetings every two years in various places. Par- ticularly, the 10th conference was held at Michigan State University (East Lansing), the 9th was held at Concepcion, Chile and the 8th was already organized at Uni- versit´ e Blaise Pascal. The previous ones were held at Nijmegen (the Netherland), Ioaninna (Greece)... Now, nearly 40 researchers from 15 different countries attended the July con- ference. This book contains research articles based on some of the 30-minute talks given at the conference and present a wide range of recent advances in p-adic anal- ysis. Basic functional analysis is represented by contributions covering a wide range of topics: Hilbert and Banach spaces, finite dimensional spaces, locally convex spaces, Fr´ echet spaces, inner products, orthogonality, strict topologies, spaces of continuous functions and of strictly differentiable functions, operator theory: iso- morphisms between Banach functions spaces, measure and integration: vector mea- sures, dual space for strict topology, extrem and mean value in Levi-Civita fields, Banach and topological algebras, maximal ideals of the ultrametric corona algebra. Functions from a p-adic field to l are considered: p-adic fractal strings, geometric zeta functions and tube formulas, elliptic pseudo-differential equations, Sobolev spaces. Analytic and meromorphic functions remain a wide domain of research: differ- ential equations and radius of convergence of solutions, Haar’s measure and p-adic dynamical systems, q-difference equations, Lipschitz condition for rational func- tions, identities and congruences for Genocchi numbers. In addition, the reader will find studies in the case where the ground field is a Krull valued field: functional analysis, orthomodular spaces, spherical completion of normed spaces, Lipschitz operators. Participants to the previous conference in July 2008 and all specialists of p- adic analysis were very saddened to know that Nicole de Grande de Kimpe passed away. Her work in p-adic analysis and in other domains of analysis as well as in the organization of our meetings in the nineties were outstanding. This is why it was decided to dedicate this conference to her memory and the conference was opened with a presentation of her life and achievement. We are grateful to Jose Aguayo Garrido, Gilles Christol, Herminia Ochsenius, Wim Schikhof, Athanasio Katsaras, Cristina Perez Garcia, Khodr Shamseddine, who, with the undersigned, made the Scientific Committee. And we thank the ix
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