Remembering Nicole De Grande-De Kimpe 1936-2008 C. Perez-Garcia and W.H. Schikhof On July 23, 2008, Nicole De Grande-De Kimpe passed away in Brussels, Bel- gium, after a long illness at the age of seventy-one. She was one of the pioneers of the development of p-Adic Functional Analysis, a fine friend, colleague, and a colourful person. We feel proud to honour her by this article, acting in behalf of the “p-Adic community”. We consider ourselves to have been good friends of Nicole, so we felt it appro- priate to often use only her first name in this remembrance. 1. Nicole’s career Born in Antwerp, Belgium on September 7, 1936, Nicole was the only child of a working-class family her father earned his living by hard labour at the docks. Nicole grew up in the district of Hoboken, where she attended high school. After her regular school hours, she went on the bicycle to follow violin lessons: a first step in her love of music. When Nicole finished the high school, she obtained a Belgian scholarship to study mathematics at the University of Ghent, Belgium, with specialization in Analysis. After obtaining her degree in 1958 she became a mathematics teacher at a high school in Antwerp. It should be mentioned that in those days it was by no means easy for a talented person like her, but coming from a working-class family, and being female, to capture these opportunities! Her scientific career started in 1963 with a two-years research fellowship from the National Center for Algebra and Topology (CAT) she attended lectures of Professor G. Hirsch at the Free University of Brussels. During 1965-1970 she was appointed at the State University Center (Ruca) in Antwerp as an assistant of Professor P. Wuyts, in the Department of Mathematical Analysis. It was also in this period that she got married and had a daughter, Anja, her only child. Shortly thereafter the marriage ended in divorce. In the same period both her parents also died. These were difficult times for Nicole, yet she decided to look for an opportunity for a Ph.D. She got in touch with Professor Hans Freudenthal of the State University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, who became her advisor. Her thesis, [1], was completed in 1970. In it she studied spaces of sequences 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification. 46S10. Research partially supported by Ministerio de Educaci´ on y Ciencia, MTM2006-14786. 1 Contemporary Mathematics Volume 551, 2011 c 2011 American Mathematical Society 1
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