Contents Preface ix Remembering Nicole De Grande-De Kimpe (1936-2008) C. Perez-Garcia and W.H. Schikhof 1 Using van der Put basis to determine if a 2-adic function is measure-preserving or ergodic w.r.t. Haar measure V. Anashin, A. Khrennikov, E. Yurova 33 q-difference equations in ultrametric fields Najet Boudjrida, Abdelbaki Boutabaa, and Samia Medjerab 39 Primitives of p-adic meromorphic functions Kamal Boussaf, Alain Escassut, and Jacqueline Ojeda 51 Existence of GCD’s and factorization in rings of non-Archimedean entire functions William Cherry 57 The radius of convergence function for first order differential equations Gilles Christol 71 The Lipschitz condition for rational functions on ultrametric valued fields Bertin Diarra 91 Differential and maximal ideals of the ultrametric Corona algebra Alain Escassut 105 Linear topologies on non-Archimedean function spaces A.K. Katsaras 117 On maximal closed ideals in topological algebras of continuous vector-valued functions over non-Archimedean valued fields A.K. Katsaras, L.A. Khan and A.R. Khan 135 Perturbations of bounded linear operators on orthomodular Hilbertian spaces Hans A. Keller and Herminia Ochsenius 143 On some geometrical properties of linear subspaces of l∞ Albert Kubzdela 157 The geometry of p-adic fractal strings: A comparative survey Michel L. Lapidus and Hung ` 163 vii
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