I: Function Theory and Optimization
Preface ix
Conference Program xi
List of Participants xix
The Schwarz Kernel in Clifford Analysis
L. Aizenberg and N. Tarkhanov 1
Proper Polynomial Self-maps of the Affine Space: State of the Art and New
C. Bisi and F. Polizzi 15
The Peak-Interpolation Theorem of Bishop
A.A. Danielyan 27
Global Holomorphic Approximations of Cauchy-Riemann Functions
R. J. Dwilewicz 31
Two-dimensional Shapes and Lemniscates
P. Ebenfelt, D. Khavinson, and H.S. Shapiro 45
On the Existence and Stability of Cycles in Gene Networks with Variable
Yu. A. Gaidov and V. P. Golubyatnikov 61
On Fixed Points of Regular Möbius Transformations over Quaternions
G. Gentili and F. Vlacci 75
Homeomorphisms with Integrally Restricted Moduli
A. Golberg 83
A Conjecture on Martingales and Rotations
A. Hinkkanen 99
Optimal Control of a Dynamical Biological System: Maintenance of Balanced
Growth and Development
I. Ioslovich, P.O. Gutman, and R. Linker 125
Dynamical Systems on Sets of Holomorphic Functions
Y. Kondratiev, Y. Kozitsky, and D. Shoikhet 139
Quasiconformal Reflection Coefficient of Level Lines
S.L. Krushkal and R. Kühnau 155
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