Contents Preface vii Application of Logic to Combinatorial Sequences and Their Recurrence Relations E. Fischer, T. Kotek, and J. A. Makowsky 1 Spectra and Systems of Equations J. P. Bell, S. N. Burris, and K. Yeats 43 Compton’s Method for Proving Logical Limit Laws J. P. Bell and S. N. Burris 97 Logical Complexity of Graphs: A Survey O. Pikhurko and O. Verbitsky 129 Methods for Algorithmic Meta Theorems M. Grohe and S. Kreutzer 181 On Counting Generalized Colorings T. Kotek, J. A. Makowsky, and B. Zilber 207 Counting Homomorphisms and Partition Functions M. Grohe and M. Thurley 243 Some Examples of Universal and Generic Partial Orders J. Hubicka ˇ and J. Neˇ setˇ 293 Two Problems on Homogeneous Structures, Revisited G. Cherlin 319 On Symmetric Indivisibility of Countable Structures A. Hasson, M. Kojman, and A. Onshuus 417 Partitions and Permutation Groups A. Blass 453 (Un)countable and (Non)effective Versions of Ramsey’s Theorem D. Kuske 467 Reducts of Ramsey Structures M. Bodirsky and M. Pinsker 489 v
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