The volume contains research and review articles written by participants of two
related international workshops ”Mathematical Methods in Emerging Modalities
of Medical Imaging” (October 25–30, 2009, see
day-workshops/09w5017) and ”Inverse Transport Theory and Tomography” (May
16–21, 2010, see that
took place at the Banff International Research Station. These workshops brought
together 64 mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and medical researchers from 10
countries working at the cutting edge of medical, geophysics, and industrial imaging
research and addressed the demanding mathematical problems arising in this fast
developing area. Among the participants there were many leading experts, as well
as graduate students, postdocs, and other junior researchers.
The research and survey articles, written for the volume, address cutting edge
issues of the newly developing imaging modalities (photoacoustics, current impedance
imaging, hybrid imaging techniques, elasticity imaging), as well as the recent progress
in resolving outstanding problems of more traditional modalities, such as SPECT,
ultrasound imaging, and inverse transport theory. Related topics of invisibility
cloaking are also considered.
The editors
July 15, 2011
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