Preface ix
List of Workshop Participants xi
Multiple Illumination Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography Using
Transport and Diffusion Models
Ben Cox, Tanja Tarvainen, and Simon Arridge 1
Combined Source and Attenuation Reconstructions in SPECT
Guillaume Bal and Alexandre Jollivet 13
Non-uniqueness Result for a Hybrid Inverse Problem
Guillaume Bal and Kui Ren 29
Local Non-injectivity for Weighted Radon Transforms
Jan Boman 39
Inverse Gravimetry Approach to Attenuated Tomography
Alexander L. Bukhgeim 49
Transformation Optics and Approximate Cloaking
Hongyu Liu and Ting Zhou 65
Stability of the Gauge Equivalent Classes in Inverse Stationary Transport in
Refractive Media
Stephen McDowall, Plamen Stefanov,
and Alexandru Tamasan 85
Basic Theory for Generalized Linear Solid Viscoelastic Models
Joyce McLaughlin, Ashley Thomas, and Jeong-Rock Yoon 101
Current Density Impedance Imaging
Adrian Nachman, Alexandru Tamasan,
and Alexander Timonov 135
Possibilities and Limitations of Time Domain Wave Equation Imaging
Frank Natterer 151
On Singularities and Instability of Reconstruction in Thermoacoustic
Linh V. Nguyen 163
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