Speakers and titles of talks
Masanori Asakura, Quintic surface over p-adic local fields with infinite p-primary
torsion in the Chow group of 0-cycles.
Alexander A. Beilinson, Remarks on Grothendieck’s standard conjectures.
Amnon Besser, The syntomic regulator for K1 of surfaces.
Spencer Bloch, Motives arising in physics.
David Burns, Congruences between derivatives of Artin L-series.
Fran¸ cois Charles, On the zero locus of l-adic normal functions.
Xi Chen, Real regulators on self-products of K3 surfaces.
Jean-Louis Colliot-Th´ el` ene, Chow groups of codimension two cycles and unramified
cohomology in degree 3.
Fr´ ed´ eric eglise, Relative rational mixed motives.
Christopher Deninger, Regulators, entropy and infinite determinants.
el` ene Esnault, Group actions on affine space and motivic integration.
Herbert Gangl, Regulator maps beyond classical polylogarithms.
Thomas Geisser, Motivic cohomology over finite fields: relating Bass’s conjecture
and Tate’s conjecture.
David ebert, Weight structure on Beilinson motives.
Matthew Kerr, Mumford-Tate groups of Hodge structures, and algebraic cycles.
Francesco Lemma, A norm compatible system of Galois cohomology classes for
Marc Levine, Motives arising from S1 spectra.
James Lewis, Hodge type conjectures and the Bloch-Kato theorem.
Steve Lichtenbaum, Comparing special values of Dedekind zeta-functions at
negative and positive integers.
Paulo Lima-Filho, Explicit regulator maps for real varieties.
Vincent Maillot, On a conjecture of H. Fang, Z. Lu and K.-I. Yoshikawa (joint
work with D. R¨ossler).
Kumar Murty, The Euler-Kronecker constant of a number field.
Tejaswi Navilarekallu, L-values and ´ etale cohomology groups.
Noriyuki Otsubo, Regulators of Fermat motives.
Wayne Raskind, p-adic Hodge theory and the Griffiths group.
Damian ossler, Arakelov geometry and the classical theory of elliptic units (joint
work with V. Maillot).
Shuji Saito, Equivariant weight homology and McKay correspondence (joint work
with Moritz Kerz).
Takeshi Saito, An l-adic Riemann-Roch formula (joint work with Kazuya Kato).
Jakob Scholbach, Special L-values of motives.
Tony Scholl, Hypersurfaces and purity.
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