The 13-th AGC2T conference (Arithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding
Theory) took place at CIRM (Centre International de Rencontres Math´ematiques)
in Marseille, France, on March 14–18, 2011. This international conference has been
a major event in the area of arithmetic geometry and its applications for more than
25 years and more than 80 participants attended it this year. We thank all of them
for creating a stimulating research environment. The topics of the talks extended
from algebraic number theory to diophantine geometry, curves and abelian varieties
over finite fields and applications to codes, boolean functions or cryptography. We
especially thank the speakers Bruno Angl` es, St´ ephane Ballet, Burcu Baran, R´egis
Blache, Ivan Boyer, Nils Bruin, Alain Couvreur, Fr´ ed´ eric Edoukou, Arnaldo Gar-
cia, Sudhir Ghorpade, Safia Haloui, Marc Hindry, Masaaki Homma, Everett Howe,
Kamal Khuri-Makdisi, David Kohel, Aristides Kontogeorgis, Philippe Langevin,
Gregor Leander, Elodie Leducq, Petr Lisonek, Kit-Ho Mak, Alina Ostafe, Ferruh
Ozbudak, Fran¸ cois Rodier, Karl okaeus, ecilia Salgado, Jean-Pierre Serre, Vi-
jaykumar Singh, Benjamin Smith, Henning Stichtenoth, Bianca Viray, Gabor Wiese
and Yuri Zarhin for their lectures.
For the second time, the
conference was twinned with Geocrypt (confer-
ence on Geometry and Cryptography) which took place in la Marana near Bastia,
Corsica, France, on June 19–24, 2011. This conference focuses on algebraic ge-
ometry issues raised by cryptography. We would like to thank Christophe Arene,
Xavier Caruso, Luca de Feo, Pierre D` ebes, Oumar Diao, Everett Howe, David
Kohel, Reynald Lercier, Pascal Molin, Damien Robert, David Roe,
Eric Schost,
Benjamin Smith, Peter Stevenhagen, Marco Streng, Emmanuel Thom´ e and Os-
manbey Uzunkol for their talks. We also thank the ANR CHIC (Hyperelliptic
Curves Isogenies, Point Counting) for its financial support.
The editors would like to thank the staff of CIRM (Olivia Barbarroux, Muriel
Milton and Laure Stefanini) and that of the Institut de Math´ ematiques de Luminy
(Aur´ elia Lozingot and Corinne Roux) for their remarkable professionalism.
Finally, special thanks to the Saint Patrick’s day which gave us an opportunity
of a memorable party.
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