This volume of Contemporary Mathematics of the American Mathematical So-
ciety contains the proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Finite Fields
and Their Applications (Fq 10), held in Ghent, Belgium, July 11–15, 2011. This
conference continued the already two-decades long tradition of bringing together
researchers working on various topics on finite fields, to present their results, and
to discuss problems on finite fields.
The local organizing committee consisted of Jan De Beule, Frank De Clerck
(Chair), Yves Edel, Michel Lavrauw, Svetla Nikova, Bart Preneel and Leo Storme.
The scientific committee consisted of Simeon Ball, Michel Lavrauw, Gary McGuire,
Gary L. Mullen, Harald Niederreiter, Svetla Nikova, Daniel Panario, Bart Preneel,
Igor Shparlinski and Leo Storme (Chair).
At the conference, there were 149 participants, five invited presentations given
by Joachim von zur Gathen, Tor Helleseth, Tanja Lange, Olga Polverino and
Michael Rosen, together with 97 contributed talks. The conference honored the
64th birthday of Gary L. Mullen, who initiated this series of international con-
ferences on finite fields and the international journal Finite Fields and Their Ap-
plications, and the 200th birthday of
Evariste Galois, the founder of finite fields
The present volume contains three invited papers by world experts on diverse
topics in finite fields, and 14 contributed papers. All submitted papers, including
the invited papers, were strictly refereed according to the high standards required
for publication in the Contemporary Mathematics Book Series of the American
Mathematical Society. The topics include finite geometry, finite semifields, bent
functions, polynomial theory, designs, and function fields.
We wish to thank the financial support of
(1) BCRYPT: Belgian Fundamental Research on Cryptology and Information
(2) Elsevier,
(3) FWO: Research Foundation - Flanders,
(4) Research Fund of the Faculty of Sciences of Ghent University,
(5) Research Group ESAT/COSIC, Department of Electrical Engineering,
KU Leuven,
(6) Research Group Incidence Geometry, Department of Mathematics, Ghent
We also wish to thank Samuel Perez and Sonia Surmont, the administrative
staff of the Department of Mathematics of Ghent University, and the staff of the
conference centre “Het Pand” of Ghent University for their help in organizing Fq 10.
A special thank you also goes out to Christine Thivierge (AMS) for her advise and
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