help in publishing these conference proceedings in the Contemporary Mathematics
Book Series of the American Mathematical Society.
The refereeing process of the submitted articles cannot take place without the
help of many referees. We thank the referees for their work in helping us to ensure
the high quality of the proceedings of this conference.
Scientific research on finite fields and their applications still flourishes. Many
problems still need to be solved and many paths still are unexplored. It is our
pleasure to report that Prof. Dr. Alexander Pott (Otto-von-Guericke Universit¨at,
Magdeburg, Germany) will organize Fq 11 from July 22–26, 2013, in Magdeburg,
Germany. In this way, the city of Magdeburg will add its name to the list of Las
Vegas (Fq 1 and Fq 2), Glasgow (Fq 3), Waterloo (Fq 4), Augsburg (Fq 5), Oaxaca
(Fq 6), Toulouse (Fq 7), Melbourne (Fq 8), Dublin (Fq 9), and Ghent (Fq 10) as
venues for an Fq conference. The success of all ten previous Fq conferences already
convinces us to be certain that Fq 11 will also be a great success. We are looking
forward to this next edition within the Fq conferences series, and, together with
Prof. Dr. Alexander Pott and his organizing team, invite you to attend the Fq 11
conference, and hope to see you there!
The editors
Michel Lavrauw, Gary L. Mullen, Svetla Nikova, Daniel Panario, Leo Storme
May 2012
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