PREFACE The Solomon Lefschetz Centennial Conference was held in the Centro de Inves- tigacion y de Estudios Avanzados in Mexico City from 10 to 14, December 1984. The topics of the conference were Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology and Differen- tial Equations, the three areas to which the late S. Lefschetz had made significant contributions. Besides the mathematicians in Mexico, experts from many countries participated actively and enthusiastically resulting in the very successful confe- rence. This volume contains the proceedings of the conference corresponding to the general area of Algebraic Geometry. It also contains Solomon Lefschetz' article "A Page of Mathematical Autobiography", which is reproduced, with permission, from the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society and William Hodge's article "Solomon Lefschetz", which is reproduced, with permission, from the Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society. Financial support to the conference came from CONACyT and SEP of Mexico, and the NSF of U.S.A. cosponsored and supported the conference through their Cooperati- ve Science Programs with Latin America and the Caribbean. The Organizing Conlllittee of the Conference and the Editorial Con111ittee of the Proceedings would like to thank all the participants in the conference and to all the contributors to this volume. D. Sundararaman. CINVESTAV, Mexico City, April 1986. ix
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