TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface A page of mathematical autobiography SOLOMON LEFSCHETZ Solomon Lefschetz SIR WILLIAM HODGE, F.R.S. Multiplicity structures on space curves C. BANICA AND 0. FORSTER Algebraic cycles and the Beilinson conjectures SPENCER BLOCH The infinitesimal Abel-Jacobi mapping for hypersurfaces HERBERT CLEMENS Infinite Coxeter groups and automorphisms of algebraic surfaces I . DOLGACHEV A problem about polynomial ideals SHALOM ELIAHOU Local Torelli theorem for certain extremal varieties CARLOS GOMEZ-MONT AVALOS Transverse deformations of holomorphic foliations XAVIER GOMEZ-MONT Singularities of algebraic surfaces and characteristic numbers F. HIRZEBRUCH Metrics on moduli spaces N.J. HITCH IN Varieties with rational singularities GEORGE R. KEMPF Remarks on moduli spaces of complete intersections A.S. LIBGOBER AND J.W. WOOD vii ix 1 27 47 65 81 91 107 121 127 141 157 179 183
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