During the week of December 10-14, 1984, the Department of Mathematics
of the Centro de Investigaci6n del lPN held an International Conference
in Mexico City, to celebrate Solomon Lefschetz• 100th birthday.
This conference was made possible by the generous financial assistance
of the Centro de Investigaci6n del lPN, the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia
y Tecnologia, the Secretaria de Educaci6n Publica (MEXICO) and the National
Science Foundation (USA).
We thought it appropriate to have lectures in: Algebraic Geometry,
Algebraic Topology and Differential Equations, the three main areas of
research. The Proceedings appear in three volumes and commemorate
s contribution to the development of Mathematics in Mexico.
This volume includes the papers on Algebraic Topology.
I want to thank the participants and especially the authors of
this volume for making the conference a success.
Samuel Gitler.
CINVESTAV, Mexico City, November 1986.
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