TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE The K-theory of projective Stiefel manifolds E. ANTONIANO BP Obstruction Theory M. BENDERSKY Continuous cohomology E. BROWN. JR. AND R. SZCZARBA Homology of mapping class groups for surfaces of low genus F. R. COHEN Immersions of real projective spaces D. M. DAVIS Fractal structures in H*(BO) and their application to cobordism V. GIAMBALVO. D. J. PENGELLEY AND D. C. RAVENEL Sums of squares formulae near the Hurwitz-Radon range K. Y. LAM AND P. Y. H. YIU Toward a global understanding of the homotopy groups of srheres M. E. MAHOWALD AND D. C. RAVENEL Surgery with finite fundamental group R. J. MILGRAM KO(B)-graded stable cohomotopy over B and RO(G)-graded G-equivariant stable cohomotopy: a fixed point theoretical approach to the Segal conjecture C. PRIETO On the Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence J. UCCI Recent work on the parallelizability of flag manifolds P. ZVENGROWSKI vii ix 7 1 5 21 31 43 51 57 75 89 109 129
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