TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE Perturbation results on the long run behavior of nonlinear dynamical systems H. CARRILLO C. Harmonic maps and minimal surface coboundaries K.-C. CHANG AND J. EELLS Lefschetz formu1as for flows D. FRIED Phase locking and higber order averaging C. GARCIA AND A. MINZONI Groupes D'homeomorphismes du cercle et cohomologie bornee E. GHYS Harmonic maps of Riemann surfaces to quaternionic projective spaces and grassmannians J. GLAZEBROOK Foliations by curves of complex analytic spaces X. GOMEZ-MONT Renormalization of one dimensional mappings and strange at tractors J. GUCKENHEIMER Orbits and harmonic maps M. GUEST Some examples of infinite dimensional systems J. HALE E. Cartan's generalized spaces and connections M. KURANISHI vii ix 11 19 71 81 107 123 143 161 173 183
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