Talks at the Hyamfest
“What is. . . ?” talks
Mohammed Abouzaid (Clay Mathematics Institute/MIT)
...a Weinstein manifold?
Ian Agol (University of California, Berkeley)
...drilling and filling?
Danny Calegari (California Institute of Technology)
...a martingale?
Joel Hass (University of California, Davis) almost normal surface?
Software demonstrations
Ben Burton (The University of Queensland)
Marc Culler (UIC) and Nathan Dunfield (UICU)
Research talks
Mohammed Abouzaid (Clay Mathematics Institute/MIT)
Symplectic topology and higher dimensional analogues of ribbon graphs
Ian Agol (UC Berkeley)
Presentation length and Simon’s conjecture
Michel Boileau (Universit´ e Paul Sabatier)
Graph manifolds which are integral homology 3-spheres and taut foliations
Marc Culler (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Character varieties, fields, and spectograms of 3-manifolds
Nathan Dunfield (UIUC
The Least Spanning Area of a Knot and the Optimal Bounding Chain Problem
David Gabai (Princeton University)
On the topology of ending laminations space
Cameron Gordon (University of Texas at Austin)
L-spaces and left-orderability
Kazuo Habiro (Kyoto University)
Quantum fundamental groups of 3-manifolds
Joel Hass (University of California, Davis)
Level n normal surfaces
Craig Hodgson (The University of Melbourne)
Veering triangulations admit strict angle structures
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