In July 2011, a two-week event, now known as the ‘Hyamfest’, was held at the
University of Melbourne. It consisted of a workshop and a conference, both of which
covered a broad range of topics in Geometry and Topology, including hyperbolic
geometry, symplectic geometry and geometric topology.
These proceedings mirror the spirit of the event: They include research arti-
cles, expository articles and a set of Hyam Rubinstein’s favourite problems, again
covering a broad range of topics. The editors would like to thank the authors for
the work they have put into their contributions, and the referees for their commit-
ment and efforts in their private task. The editors thank Christine Thivierge for
her assistance in preparing this volume.
The workshop would not have been possible without the lecturers who put
a lot of energy into preparing and delivering three inspiring lecture series, and
their assistants who prepared problem sets and ran discussion sessions. The high
standard of the talks at the conference contributed greatly to its success.
The event was sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute,
the Australian Mathematical Society, the Clay Mathematics Institute and the Na-
tional Science Foundation. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the
University of Melbourne provided a wonderful conference environment, and staff at
the Institute and the Department provided invaluable help and support.
The Editors
March 2013
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