The second Women In Numbers workshop (WIN2) was held November 6–
11, 2011, at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS) in Banff, Alberta,
Canada. The workshop was one of several Research Collaboration Conferences
for Women ( held in
recent years. These conferences bring together senior women in a particular mathe-
matical research area—in this case number theory—to lead research projects during
a weeklong workshop. The participants in the project groups are women graduate
students, postdocs, and junior faculty. The benefit of these workshops is in both
directions: senior women meet, mentor, and collaborate with young researchers;
junior women encounter important new research problems and develop a network
of colleagues, supporters, and mentors.
Forty-one mathematicians attended the WIN2 workshop, which was organized
by the three editors of this volume. The organizers first invited senior researchers
to lead the projects, and then assigned the other participants to projects according
to their expertise and interests. The result was eight working groups of four to six
members each, including two leaders per group.
This volume contains survey articles written by leaders of the WIN2 working
groups, reports on new research conducted by the working groups at the conference,
and additional articles submitted by researchers who are part of the Women in
Numbers Network (
Workshop project titles and lectures
WIN2 was a working conference, with several hours each day devoted to re-
search in project groups. In addition, there were a few talks each day. During
the first three days, group leaders introduced their general areas of research and
proposed their projects. On the final two days, group members described their
progress and shared their plans to complete the work.
Elliptic surfaces and Mahler measure
Lectures: Marie-Jos´ e Bertin, Matilde Lal´ın
Group members: Amy Feaver, Jenny Fuselier, Michelle Manes
Analytic number theory
Lectures: Chantal David, Heekyoung Hahn
Group members: Shabnam Akhtari, Min Lee, Lola Thompson
Number theory in functions fields and algebraic geometry over finite fields
Lectures: Alina Bucur, Melanie Matchett Wood
Group members: Jing Hoelscher, Renate Scheidler
Arithmetic algebraic geometry
Lectures: Alina Cojocaru, Alice Silverberg
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