Group members: Rachel Davis, Antonella Perucca, Katherine Stange,
Diane Yap
K-theory and algebraic number theory
Lectures: Wieslawa Niziol, Sujatha Ramdorai
Group members: Veronica Ertl, Bregje Pauwels, Ila Varma
Arithmetic geometry
Lectures: Rachel Pries, June Zhu
Group members: Rebecca Bellovin, Sharon Garthwaite, Ekin Oz-
man, Cassie Williams
Modular forms
Lectures: Ling Long, Gabriele Nebe
Group members: Sarah Chisholm, Alyson Deines, Holly Swisher
Arithmetic intersection theory
Lectures: Kristin Lauter, Bianca Viray
Group members: Jackie Anderson, Jennifer Balakrishnan, Jennifer
Contributions to this volume
The editors requested one or two contributions from each working group at the
WIN2 workshop. In addition, we solicited articles through the Women in Numbers
Network (mailing list and web site). All submissions to this volume were sent to
anonymous referees, who assessed them as correct and worthwhile contributions to
these proceedings.
Workshop website
We are grateful to the following sponsoring organizations for their support of
the workshop and this volume:
Banff International Research Station
Microsoft Research
Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
The Number Theory Foundation
We would like to thank the referees whose careful and dedicated work have
been crucial in assuring the quality of this publication.
July 2013
Chantal David, Concordia University, Canada
Matilde Lal´ ın, Universit´ e de Montr´ eal, Canada
Michelle Manes, University of Hawai‘i at anoa, USA
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