Preface vii
Simulating biofluid-structure interactions with an immersed boundary
framework–A review
Sarah D. Olson and Anita T. Layton 1
The development and advances of the immersed finite element method
Lucy T. Zhang, Chu Wang, and Xingshi Wang 37
Simulating mucociliary transport using the method of regularized Stokeslets
Kara J. Karpman 59
A regularization method for the numerical solution of doubly-periodic Stokes
Karin Leiderman, Elizabeth L. Bouzarth,
and Hoang-Ngan Nguyen 73
Dynamics of the primary cilium in time-periodic flows
Yuan-Nan Young 91
Motion of filaments with planar and helical bending waves in a viscous fluid
Sarah D. Olson 109
Numerical study of scaling effects in peristalsis and dynamic suction pumping
Austin Baird, Tiffany King, and Laura A. Miller 129
Multi-bond models for platelet adhesion and cohesion
Tyler Skorczewski, Boyce E. Griffith,
and Aaron L. Fogelson 149
Effects of grouping behavior, pulse timing, and organism size on fluid flow
around the upside-down jellyfish, Cassiopea xamachana
Christina L. Hamlet and Laura A. Miller 173
Impacts of facilitated urea transporters on the urine-concentrating mechanism
in the rat kidney
Anita T. Layton 191
Feedback-mediated dynamics in a model of coupled nephrons with compliant
short loop of Henle
Hwayeon Ryu and Anita T. Layton 209
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