Preface vii
Secret sharing using non-commutative groups and the shortlex order
Bren Cavallo and Delaram Kahrobaei 1
An algorithm that decides conjugacy in a certain generalized free product
Anthony E. Clement 9
Classification of automorphic conjugacy classes in the free group on two
Bobbe Cooper and Eric Rowland 13
On elementary free groups
Benjamin Fine, Anthony Gaglione, Gerhard Rosenberger,
and Dennis Spellman 41
An application of a localized version of an axiom of Ian Chiswell
Anthony M. Gaglione, Seymour Lipschutz,
and Dennis Spellman 59
A note on Stallings’ pregroups
Anthony M. Gaglione, Seymour Lipschutz,
and Dennis Spellman 65
A CCA secure cryptosystem using matrices over group rings
Delaram Kahrobaei, Charalambos Koupparis,
and Vladimir Shpilrain 73
The MOR cryptosystem and finite p-groups
Ayan Mahalanobis 81
A group theoretical ElGamal cryptosystem based on a semidirect product of
groups and a proposal for a signature protocol
Anja I. S. Moldenhauer 97
On some algorithmic properties of finite state automorphisms of rooted trees
Benjamin Steinberg 115
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