Preface vii
Approximation numbers of composition operators on a Hilbert space of
Dirichlet series
H. Queffelec
A short introduction to de Branges–Rovnyak spaces
D. Timotin 21
Asymptotic Bohr radius for the polynomials in one complex variable
C. Chu 39
A survey on preservers of spectra and local sprectra
A. Bourhim and J. Mashreghi 45
Commutants of finite Blaschke product multiplication operators
C. Cowen and R. Wahl 99
Complex approximation and extension-interpolation on arbitrary sets in one
P. Gauthier 115
Cyclicity in non-extreme de Branges–Rovnyak spaces
E. Fricain, J. Mashreghi, and D. Seco 131
Integral representations of the derivatives in H(b) spaces
E. Fricain and J. Mashreghi 137
Interpolation and moment in weighted Hardy spaces
A. Boivin and C. Zhu 179
Model spaces: A survey
S. Garcia and W. Ross 197
Note on a Julia operator related to model spaces
D. Timotin 247
Selected problems in classical function theory

eteau and D. Khavinson 255
The linear bound for Haar multiplier paraproducts
K. Bickel, E. Sawyer, and B. Wick 267
Transitivity and bundle shifts
R. Douglas and A. Xu 287
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