Preface Women in Topology (Banff 2013) was the first workshop organized by the newly founded network WIT–HT (Women in Topology–Homotopy Theory), in an endeavor to increase the number and visibility of active female researchers in ho- motopy theory. Modeled on the successful five-day workshops organized by the Women in Numbers network in 2008 and 2011 at the Banff International Research Station, the WIT workshop was devoted primarily to active collaboration by teams of five to seven participants, each including senior and junior researchers, as well as graduate students, on projects prepared by the team leaders. Our goal in organizing this workshop was to support and expand research activity of women in the field of homotopy theory, by contributing to the training of graduate students and by fostering collaborations amongst female researchers. The publication of the findings of each workshop team in this proceedings volume is an important milestone in this process, but not the end of the road: many of the workshop teams are actively continuing their collaboration. We are deeply grateful for the generous support of the Banff International Research Station and of the Clay Mathematics Institute’s Enhancement and Part- nership program, which funded travel for our participants. We thank the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences and the Ecole Polytechnique ed´ erale de Lau- sane for additional support. Maria Basterra Kristine Bauer Kathryn Hess Brenda Johnson v
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