Preface vii
On algebraic properties of the spectrum and spectral radius of elements in a
unital algebra
Mart Abel 1
Automatic continuity of surjective homomorphisms between topological
Mati Abel 13
Characterization of holomorphic and meromorphic functions via maximum
John Anderson 23
Hermitian operators on HH(
Fernanda Botelho and James Jamison 29
Some notions of transitivity for operator spaces
Javier Alejandro
Chavez-Dom´ ´
ınguez and Timur Oikhberg 49
Removability of exceptional sets for differentiable and Lipschitz functions
J. Craig, J. F. Feinstein, and P. Patrick 63
Generalizing trigonometric functions from different points of view
David E. Edmunds and Jan Lang 69
Partial W ∗-dynamical systems and their dilations
G. O. S. Ekhaguere 83
Swiss cheeses and their applications
J. F. Feinstein, S. Morley, and H. Yang 99
Isometries on the special unitary group
Osamu Hatori 119
Amenability as a hereditary property in some algebras of vector-valued functions
Terje Hoim
and D. A. Robbins 135
Weighted norm inequalities for Hardy type operators on monotone functions
Pankaj Jain, Monika Singh, and Arun Pal Singh 145
Norms on normal function algebras
Krzysztof Jarosz 161
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