Maximally modulated singular integral operators and their applications to
pseudodifferential operators on Banach function spaces
Alexei Yu. Karlovich 165
Smoothness to the boundary of biholomorphic mappings: An overview
Steven G. Krantz 179
A multiplicative Banach-Stone theorem
Kristopher Lee 191
Weighted composition operators on weighted sequence spaces
Doan Minh Luan and Le Hai Khoi 199
Spectral isometries into commutative Banach algebras
Martin Mathieu and Matthew Young 217
Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the p(·)-Laplacian. A convergence analysis
Osvaldo Mendez
Surjective isometries between function spaces
Takeshi Miura 231
Endomorphisms and the
Silov representation
D. C. Moore 241
The essential norm of operators on the Bergman space of vector-valued
functions on the unit ball
Robert Rahm and Brett D. Wick 249
Trigonometric approximation of periodic functions belonging to weighted
Lipschitz class W
Shailesh Kumar Srivastava and Uaday Singh 283
Analytic structure of polynomial hulls
John Wermer 293
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