2013 Midwest Geometry Conference (MGC XIX) Talks Robert M Hardt, Rice University, “Plateau Problems in Metric Spaces” Yongsheng Zhang, MSRI, Berkeley and Northeast Normal University, China, “On Gluing Techniques in Calibrated Geometry” Quo-Shin Chi, Washington University, “On the Classification of Isoparametric Hypersurfaces” Shihshu Walter Wei, University of Oklahoma, “New Comparison Theorems, Conservation Laws, PDE, Cohomology and Sharp Estimates in p-Harmonic Geom- etry with Applications in Real and Complex World” Gang Liu, University of California, Berkeley, “Hadmard Three Circle Theorem for Complete ahler Manifolds with Applications” Mei-Chi Shaw, University of Notre Dame, “Topology of Dolbeault Cohomology Groups” Paulo Lima-Filho, Texas A&M University, “Real Analytic Cycles and Cycle Maps for the Motivic Cohomology of Real Varieties” ix
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