We are very pleased to introduce this volume that contains the contributions of
the participants in the “Quintas Jornadas de Teor´ ıa de umeros” (Fifth Spanish
Meeting on Number Theory) held at the Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) in 2013.
This conference is part of a series that originated around 2005, when several
Spanish number theorists thought that we should establish a way to maintain con-
tacts, exchange ideas, and gather information. The most noticeable result was the
organization of the first meeting in this series at Vilanova i la Geltr´ u (Barcelona).
Since then, every two years we have repeated this enriching experience in dif-
ferent cities in Spain. The initial scope was immediately broadened and from the
very beginning the organizers gave an international orientation to the conferences
and also made some special efforts to attract the Latin-American community of
number theorists. The continuing success of this meeting series has allowed us to
plan with confidence the next event, which will be held in Valladolid in 2015.
We wish to express our deep gratitude to the authors and participants. Needless
to say, without their efforts this volume would not have been possible. Although
the contributions do not always correspond exactly to the talks, they give readers
a good idea about the level of the conference.
As attendants, we want to thank the Universidad de Sevilla for providing an
excellent conference room and especially the people involved in every stage of the
organization (volunteers, committee members, and staff members) for allowing us
to hold this successful meeting in a warm environment. (It was even warmer outside
the university facilities, as you can imagine July at this latitude.)
Last but not least, we are grateful to the AMS and RSME editors involved in
the editorial process of this volume.
Fernando Chamizo
Jordi Gu`ardia
Antonio Rojas-Le´on
Jos´ e Mar´ ıa Tornero
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