Contents I: PDE, Differential Geometry, Radon Transform Preface ix David Shoikhet at Sixty Mark Agranovsky, Mark Elin, and Lawrence Zalcman xi Bibliography of David Shoikhet xv Conference Program xxiii List of Participants xxix Inversion of a Class of Circular and Elliptical Radon Transforms G. Ambartsoumian and V. P. Krishnan 1 Free Jump Dynamics in Continuum J. Baranska ´ and Y. Kozitsky 13 Instabilities in Kinetic Theory and Their Relationship to the Ergodic Theorem J. Ben-Artzi 25 Some Recent Progress on Sharp Kato-type Smoothing Estimates N. Bez and M. Sugimoto 41 Uniqueness of Photon Spheres in Static Vacuum Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes C. Cederbaum 51 The L1 Liouville Property on Weighted Manifolds N. Charalambous and Z. Lu 65 Some Remarks on Gevrey Well-Posedness for Degenerate Schr¨odinger Equations M. Cicognani and M. Reissig 81 Asymptotics for Damped Evolution Operators with Mass-like Terms M. D’Abbicco 93 Singular Perturbations of Elliptic Operators E. Dyachenko and N. Tarkhanov 117 An Initial-Boundary Value Problem in a Strip for Two-Dimensional Equations of Zakharov–Kuznetsov Type A. V. Faminskii 137 v
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