Contents II: Complex Analysis, Quasiconformal Mappings, Complex Dynamics Preface David Shoikhet at Sixty Mark Agranovsky, Mark Elin, and Lawrence Zalcman Bibliography of David Shoikhet Conference Program List of Participants Common Boundary Regular Fixed Points for Holomorphic Semigroups in Strongly Convex Domains M. Abate and F. Bracci Univalence Criteria Depending on Parameters and Applications D. Aharonov and U. Elias Hausdorff Operators in Hardy Spaces on Cartan Type Domains in Cn L. Aizenberg, E. Liflyand, and A. Vidras On the Expansive Property of Inner Functions in Weighted Hardy Spaces J. A. Ball and V. Bolotnikov Chordal Loewner Equation A. Del Monaco and P. Gumenyuk The Borel-Nevanlinna Lemma P. C. Fenton Normal Families of Discrete Open Mappings with Controlled p-Module A. Golberg, R. Salimov, and E. Sevost’yanov Balls In The Triangular Ratio Metric S. Hokuni, R. Klen, ´ Y. Li, and M. Vuorinen Examples of Reconstruction of Homogeneous Isolated Hypersurface Singularities from Their Milnor Algebras A. V. Isaev On Summation of the Taylor Series of the Function 1/(1 z) by the Theta Summation Method V. Katsnelson vii
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