Contents Prologue vii Preface ix List of participants xiii Locally pseudoconvex inductive limit of locally pseudoconvex Q-algebras Mati Abel and Reyna Mar´ ıa Perez-Tiscare˜ ´ no 1 A whirlwind tour of the world of (∞, 1)-categories Omar Antol´ ın Camarena 15 Norm convergence in non-commutative central limit theorems: Combinatorial approach Octavio Arizmendi and Carlos Vargas 63 Dynamical models for some torus homeomorphisms P. Davalos ´ 75 A review of No Free Lunch Theorems for search Edgar A. Du´nez-Guzm´ e ˜ an and Marte A. Ram´ ırez-Orteg´ on 85 On triangulations, quivers with potentials and mutations Daniel Labardini-Fragoso 103 Riemann-Roch without denominators for oriented cohomology theories Jos´ e Malagon-Lopez ´ ´ 129 A survey on the Lyubeznik numbers Luis N´nez-Betancourt, u ˜ Emily E. Witt, and Wenliang Zhang 137 Cluster value problem in infinite-dimensional spaces Sofia Ortega Castillo 165 A survey on the convergence of manifolds with boundary Raquel Perales 179 Convexity is a local property in CAT(κ) spaces Carlos Ramos-Cuevas 189 An introduction to the half-infinite wedge Rodolfo ıos-Zertuche 197 v
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