viii PROLOGUE who took the time to collect some of the proceedings, of which there are still a few copies extant today, although I must confess that when I look at them, sometimes I can hardly believe that it actually happened. I should also note that in 1980 the Mexican students in Warwick, who now also included Ricardo Berlanga, held a second such conference, but I have little documented information about it. A notable point about our first congress is that at least ten of the twelve presenters did return to Mexico. Another piece of the prior history leading up to the 2012 “Mexican Mathe- maticians in the World Meeting” took place earlier the same year at the 2012 Joint Meeting of the SMM–RSME at Malaga, Spain in January. Fernando Galaz Garc´ıa approached Luis Montejano, who was president-elect of the SMM at the time, about the plans that he, No´ e arcenas and onica Moreno were making for the meeting that gave rise to these proceedings. Upon learning about these plans, Montejano offered them all the support that the SMM could give. After the alaga conference, during a visit to the Alhambra, Montejano told me about the enormous momentum he observed in the new generations of Mexican mathematicians. More than thirty years on, I noted, much and little have changed at the same time. Since the first meeting, the Mexican mathematical community has grown in number and in diver- sity of areas, and there are representatives of the young generations in many more universities and countries. Moreover, our research is rather more internationally visible. In my opinion, the new generations are also more aware that their talent and training makes them competitive in the profession anywhere in the world. I also say little, because of the enormous challenge we have in our country to palpably affect their development, progress in this direction has been slight, and continues to be something which we all owe to our country. I feel honored that the editorial committee of Aportaciones has asked me to write a brief prologue to these conference proceedings. The objectives proposed for the meeting have much to tell us the conference aims to bring Mexican mathe- maticians abroad together with mathematicians in Mexico, to disseminate the work of young Mexican mathematicians abroad, to enable graduate students abroad to share and exchange experiences, to analyze opportunities for returning to Mexico, and to build and strengthen global networks. Another notable feature is that these proceedings include not only reports of work in analysis, geometry and topology as in the old days but also topics in algebra, applied mathematics and probability. I am confident that the current generation of young Mexican mathematicians, par- ticularly those who are now outside the country, will lead Mexican mathematics to new frontiers. It is commendable that in addition to the hard work they do to ad- vance in their profession, they make the effort to stay in touch with each other and above all not to lose their ties and commitment to our nation. These proceedings present just a sample of what they can achieve, and my desire for them is that their enthusiasm and optimism may long endure. Jos´ e Carlos omez Larra˜naga Centro de Investigaci´ on en Matem´ aticas, A. C. and Centro de Investigaci´ on y Docencia Econ´ omicas, A.C.
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