week of the Joint Summer Research
Conference in the Mathematical Sciences took place in Boulder, Colorado, June 28
to July 4, 1987. The co-chairs were Joe Buhler and Phyllis Chinn.
The purpose of the week was to foster communication between computer sci-
entists and mathematicians. Recent work in graph theory and related algorithms
has relied on increasingly sophisticated mathematics. Wagner's Conjecture, self-
adjusting data structures, graph isomorphism and various embedding and labelling
problems in VLSI are examples. Thus, it is clear that researchers in both computer
science and mathematics need to be aware of what the other is doing.
The organizers were pleasantly surprised at the depth and diversity of the work
being done. The wide range of talks demonstrated the vitality of the activity in
both fields. The common graph-theoretic and algorithmic themes insured sufficient
cross-interest so many people profited from discussions with others whose work had
led in different directions. We hope the papers included here capture some of the
diversity and excitement of the conference.
The organizing committee would like to thank all those who attended for their
participation. We would also like to thank the AMS-IMS-SIAM Committee and the
National Science Foundation for their support. We especially appreciate the hard
work of Carole Kohanski of the AMS. The University of Colorado at Boulder was
an excellent host institution.
The Organizing Committee
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