The Summer Research Institute of the Australian Mathematical Society is an
annual event held each (southern hemisphere) summer for a period of about four
weeks. The objects of the Institute are, according to its constitution, to
promote research and advance scholarship in mathematics. The Council of the
Society appoints a Director who is solely responsible for all scientific,
administrative and financial aspects of "his" institute. Each Institute is
organized to achieve its aims in three ways:- Firstly it enables its members
to pursue their mathematical studies and researches in an atmosphere which is
free from the distractions of their own University and domestic environments.
Secondly, the Institute provides an opportunity for lengthy discussions with
fellow research workers in one's mathematical speciality or other areas of
research. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, each year the Summer Research
Institute invites several distinguished mathematicians from overseas to give
short courses of lectures on advanced current mathematical topics. As well, a
number of other leading overseas and Australian mathematicians are invited to
give lectures or organize and participate in specialist sessions.
The 21st Summer Research Institute was held at the University of Tasmania
from 12th January until 6th February 1981. It covered a wide range of topics
in mathematics and statistics and these Proceedings consist mainly of those
invited lectures and some contributed specialist session papers which are not
otherwise available.
During the first week of the Institute Professor P.J. Davis (Brown
University) and Dr. N.J.A. Sloane (Bell Laboratories) were the invited speakers.
The second week included a series of invited lectures by Dr. T.J. Rivlin
(I.B.M., New York) and Professor G.S. Watson (Princeton University). Invited
talks were also presented by Professor D. Elliott {University of Tasmania),
Professor P.M. Gruber (Technische UniversitHt Wien) and Professor
M. Mendes France (Universite de Bordeaux). During the third week
Professor F. Hirzebruch (UniversitHt Bonn) and Professor E.C. Zeeman
(University of Warwick) each gave a series of five invited lectures. In the
final week of the Institute, Professor C.W. Curtis (University of Oregon),
Professor R. Delbourgo (University of Tasmania), Professor G. Glauberman
(University of Chicago), Professor I.G. Macdonald (University of London) and
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