List of Participants x1
Preface xv
Generically ample divisors on normal Gorenstein surfaces
Marco Andreatta and Andrew Sommese 1
Topological equivalence for nonisolated singularities and
global affine hypersurfaces
James Damon 21
The cohomology and fundamental group of a hyperplane
Michael Falk
The modified analytic trivialization of a family of real
analytic mappings
Toshizumi Fukui 73
On the topological types of quasi-ordinary surface germs
Yih-Nan Gau 91
Report on the problem session
H. Hauser and R. Randell 119
Two dimensional singularities with bounded pluri-genera
are Q-Gorenstein singularities
Shihoko Ishii 135
Arrangements of hyperplanes and broken circuits
Michel Jambu and Hiroaki Terao 147
Simply connected four-manifolds obtained from weighted
homogeneous polynomials
M. Kannowski 1 63
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