The IMA Participating Institutions Conference on Singularities
was held on the campus of the University of Iowa in Iowa City
during the week of July 28-August 1, 1986, just prior to the
International Congress of Mathematicians in Berkeley. The
fifty-two participants from eleven countries heard numerous talks
and participated in lively informal discussions. Many of the talks
are represented by the papers in this volume. All except the
problem list are original research papers; I thank the referees for
their prompt and careful help.
The financial support of the following is gratefully acknow-
ledged: The Participating Institutions of the Institute for
Mathematics and its Applications, Minneapolis; The University of
Iowa Mathematics Department; and the University of Iowa
Graduate College. I would like to express my appreciation to Joe
Lipman, the co-organizer of the conference, and to members of the
organizing committee Peter Orlik and Phil Wagreich for their help
and support. Thanks are due as well to Michael Falk, Mark
Kannowski, Linda Randell, Dennis Roseman, and Jonathan Simon,
for their valuable help the week of the meeting.
And finally, special thanks are due to the participants for their
delightful combination of scholarly inquiry and cheerful
conviviality which makes singularity theory such a pleasant area of
Dick Randell
Iowa City
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