Contents Preface S.D. Berman (1922-1987): A Biographical Note A. I. Lichtman Publications of S. D. Berman Ph.D. Students of S.D. Berman The S.D. Berman work on coding theory and on theory of threshold functions B. N. Gartshtein and I. I. Grushko Berman's contributions to group representation over fields XV XVll XXV xxxi G. Karpilovsky 17 S. D. Berman's contribution to the theory of integral representations of finite groups A. I. Lichtman 27 The work of S. D. Berman on infinite abelian group rings Warren May Berman's work on units in group rings Robert Sandling On p-subgroups of finite symmetric and alternating groups 39 47 Ja. G. Berkovic 67 Parameters of abelian codes in the group algebra KG of G = (a) x (b), aP = bP = 1, p prime, over a finite field K with primitive pth root of unity and related MDS-codes S.D. Berman and I. I. Grushko 77 Locally cyclic modules over a valuation ring S.D. Berman and N. I. Vishnyakova 85 XI
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