The editors of this volume wish to express their gratitude to all those in-
dividuals and institutions that made possible both this volume and the con-
ference of which it is a partial summary. To begin, we wish to thank the
Department of Mathematics of The University of Rochester and its chair-
men, Sanford
Segal and Samuel Gitler; without their generous efforts and
extension of material support, the conference on Measure and Measurable
Dynamics would have had no home. It was through the remarkable efforts
of Roberta Colon, the Department Secretary, that all the physical arrange-
ments necessary for the success of the conference were coordinated and im-
plemented. Of course, the conference would have been nothing at all without
the contributions of its participants: Jal R. Choksi, Shizuo Kakutani, Wil-
helm A. J. Luxemburg, and all those whose mathematical contributions are
recorded in this book. Thirdly, we wish to note the high level of coopera-
tion accorded us by the American Mathematical Society in the preparation
of these proceedings: in particular, we wish to thank Irwin Kra, Alan Wein-
stein, and the editorial staff at Providence-the former for their willingness
to publish this volume, and the latter for their essential help in the prepa-
ration. Thanks are also due Stephen G. Landry of Wesleyan University for
undertaking so well the role of "right-hand man" to the organizers during
the conference. Our special thanks to Andrea Slater of North Texas for her
superb secretarial services in preparing this volume.
Lastly, yet most importantly, the editors wish to speak of their profound
sense of respect in the completion of this volume to one whose life and
mathematical imagination have touched us all.
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