Plenary Talk Titles
International Conference on Algebraic Topology
21-24, 1988
Gunnar Carlsson, Princeton University
"Homotopy fixed points and the assembly map for algebraic K-theory"
Ralph Cohen, Stanford University
"The homotopy type of the space of harmonic functions"
Dick Rain, University of Washington
"Hodge theory and algebraic !{-theory"
Michael Hopkins, Princeton University
"p-adic Lie groups and stable homotopy groups"
Peter Landweber, Rutgers University
"Elliptic cohomology and elliptic genera"
Haynes Miller, MIT
"The elliptic character and Witten's genus"
Peter Shalen, University of Illinois at Chicago
"Recent developments in dendrology"
Takashi Tsubo{, University of Tokyo
"On the connectivity of classifying spaces of foliations"
Friedheim Waldhausen, University of Bielefeld
"Brave new rings"
John Jones, Warwick University
"Loop spaces, cyclic homology and index theory"
X Ill
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