Figuring Fibers

Edited by Carolyn Yackel: Mercer University, Macon, GA, sarah-marie belcastro: MathILy, Mathematical Staircase, Inc., Holyoke, MA and Smith College, Northampton, MA

The chapters of Figuring Fibers are available for individual purchase as PDF files. Each chapter comprises a self-contained project. You may also purchase the entire book in print or eBook format.

More Granny, Less Square (Chapter 1), by D. Jacob Wildstrom

Gosper-like Fractals and Intermeshed Crochet (Chapter 2), by Kyle Calderhead

Templeton Square Truchet Tiles (Chapter 3), by Carolyn Yackel

Variations on Snake Trail Quilting Patterns (Chapter 4), by Mary D. Shepherd

The Chinese Remainder Theorem and Knitting Stitch Patterns (Chapter 5), by Berit Nilsen Givens

Knitting Torus Knots and Links (Chapter 6), by sarah-marie belcastro

Triply Periodic Polyhedra in Euclidean Three-Dimensional Space (Chapter 7), by S. Louise Gould

Piecing Together Link Complements (Chapter 8), by Barbara E. Nimershiem