Thanks to David Koop for converting early versions of parts of the man-
uscript from WordPerfect
and for creating the basic database
from which the bibliography was built. Thanks also to Daniel Venema for
making many of the diagrams, especially those in Chapters 2 and 6. Hearty
thanks to Helaman Ferguson for providing photographs of his marvelous
sculptures, which were inspired by some of our favorite wild embeddings,
and for generously allowing their reproduction here.
The following colleagues read parts of the manuscript and offered valu-
able comments: John Bryant, Craig Guilbault, John Engbers, Denise Halver-
son, Sergey Melikhov, David Snyder, Fred Tinsley, Paul Thurston and Vio-
leta Vasilevska.
Both authors owe a great debt to Benny Rushing. His book Topolog-
ical Embeddings spurred developments in the subject and played a major
role in our thinking about topological embeddings. While there was con-
siderable flux in perspectives when he put his book together, now the topic
has attained a mature stability, which we have attempted to organize and
elucidate. He was advisor, friend and collaborator, and we miss him.
Robert J. Daverman
Gerard A. Venema
February, 2009
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