Preface xxi concept known as strong resolving classes and a proof of Miller’s theorem on the space of maps from BZ/p to a simply-connected finite complex. Acknowledgements. A book such as this, I have come to realize, is essen- tially an attempt to set down the author’s point of view on his subject. My point of view has been shaped by many people, beginning with Ed Fadell, Sufian Husseini and Steve Hutt, who were my first teachers in the subject. Early in my career, my horizons were greatly expanded by conversation and collaboration with Bob Bruner and Chuck McGibbon, and even more so during my long, pleasant and fruitful collaboration with Martin Arkowitz. At various points during the writing of this book I have turned to others for clarification or advice on certain points that escaped me. Thanks are due to Peter May, whose kind responses to my emailed questions greatly improved a chapter that is, unfortunately, no longer included in the book. The community at the website MathOverflow offered useful advice on many questions. My thanks are also due to the students who were guinea pigs for early versions of this text. Specifically, the enthusiasm of David Arnold, Jim Clarkson, Julie Houck, Rob Nendorf, Nick Scoville, and Jason Trowbridge was inspirational. I must also thank John Martino and Jay Wood for teach- ing the algebraic topology sequence at Western Michigan University using early drafts of this text. Finally, I must gratefully acknowledge the support of my family during the long writing process. Dolores was exceedingly—albeit decreasingly— patient with my nearly endless string of pronouncements that I was ‘almost done’, and my sanity was preserved by my son Brandon, who unknowingly and innocently forced me every day to stop working and have fun.
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