Titles in This Series
132 Terence Tao, Topics in Random Matrix Theory, 2012
131 Ian M. Musson, Lie Superalgebras and Enveloping Algebras, 2012
130 Viviana Ene and urgen Herzog, Gr¨ obner Bases in Commutative Algebra, 2011
129 Stuart P. Hastings, J. Bryce McLeod, and J. Bryce McLeod, Classical Methods
in Ordinary Differential Equations, 2012
128 J. M. Landsberg, Tensors: Geometry and Applications, 2012
127 Jeffrey Strom, Modern Classical Homotopy Theory, 2011
126 Terence Tao, An Introduction to Measure Theory, 2011
125 Dror Varolin, Riemann Surfaces by Way of Complex Analytic Geometry, 2011
124 David A. Cox, John B. Little, and Henry K. Schenck, Toric Varieties, 2011
123 Gregory Eskin, Lectures on Linear Partial Differential Equations, 2011
122 Teresa Crespo and Zbigniew Hajto, Algebraic Groups and Differential Galois Theory,
121 Tobias Holck Colding and William P. Minicozzi, II, A Course in Minimal Surfaces,
120 Qing Han, A Basic Course in Partial Differential Equations, 2011
119 Alexander Korostelev and Olga Korosteleva, Mathematical Statistics, 2011
118 Hal L. Smith and Horst R. Thieme, Dynamical Systems and Population Persistence,
117 Terence Tao, An Epsilon of Room, I: Real Analysis, 2010
116 Joan Cerd` a, Linear Functional Analysis, 2010
115 Julio Gonz´ alez-D´ ıaz, Ignacio Garc´ ıa-Jurado, and M. Gloria Fiestras-Janeiro,
An Introductory Course on Mathematical Game Theory, 2010
114 Joseph J. Rotman, Advanced Modern Algebra, 2010
113 Thomas M. Liggett, Continuous Time Markov Processes, 2010
112 Fredi Tr¨ oltzsch, Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations, 2010
111 Simon Brendle, Ricci Flow and the Sphere Theorem, 2010
110 Matthias Kreck, Differential Algebraic Topology, 2010
109 John C. Neu, Training Manual on Transport and Fluids, 2010
108 Enrique Outerelo and Jes´ us M. Ruiz, Mapping Degree Theory, 2009
107 Jeffrey M. Lee, Manifolds and Differential Geometry, 2009
106 Robert J. Daverman and Gerard A. Venema, Embeddings in Manifolds, 2009
105 Giovanni Leoni, A First Course in Sobolev Spaces, 2009
104 Paolo Aluffi, Algebra: Chapter 0, 2009
103 Branko Gr¨ unbaum, Configurations of Points and Lines, 2009
102 Mark A. Pinsky, Introduction to Fourier Analysis and Wavelets, 2002
101 Ward Cheney and Will Light, A Course in Approximation Theory, 2000
100 I. Martin Isaacs, Algebra, 1994
99 Gerald Teschl, Mathematical Methods in Quantum Mechanics, 2009
98 Alexander I. Bobenko and Yuri B. Suris, Discrete Differential Geometry, 2008
97 David C. Ullrich, Complex Made Simple, 2008
96 N. V. Krylov, Lectures on Elliptic and Parabolic Equations in Sobolev Spaces, 2008
95 Leon A. Takhtajan, Quantum Mechanics for Mathematicians, 2008
94 James E. Humphreys, Representations of Semisimple Lie Algebras in the BGG
Category O, 2008
93 Peter W. Michor and Peter W. Michor, Topics in Differential Geometry, 2008
92 I. Martin Isaacs, Finite Group Theory, 2008
91 Louis Halle Rowen, Graduate Algebra: Noncommutative View, 2008
90 Larry J. Gerstein, Basic Quadratic Forms, 2008
89 Anthony Bonato, A Course on the Web Graph, 2008
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